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State of the EV world.....

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  • State of the EV world.....

    Many manufacturers seem to be pulling back from their even most recent claims of increasing EV production... I read somewhere today that the UAW strike will have significant impact on the bottom line.. enough to pull back investment in future EV development. Adoptors don't appear to be lining up quite as quickly as many thought.

    A couple of headlines today:

    One of my own biggest concerns in looking at EV's is the ability to charge while on the road. Here's an article from last month in CNBC detailing some of the issues.

    Kind of have to dig hard to find some support data, but some that I recently heard was this (and I need to get the support data):
    USA is currently anywhere from 23 to 30 cars per charging point. Ideal structure is 6 cars per charging point. Current build-out of charging points per EV sales is 48 cars per charging point (clearly going in the wrong direction). Support from the FedGovt is certain to help with the large contribution to this cause, but I don't know how much will happen in the short term. There is other data that if you have a home charging station that you don't need a charging point to get to work, and that's a good point, but still doesn't mitigate any long distance driving. A case in point would be my physical therapist (also a very good friend for 20+ years). He travels with the Seattle SeaWolves Rugby team, and many times this means just a road trip, and he will drive. He bought a new Audi EV, and after 6 months traded it in on an ICE Audi as he was spending too much time trying to figure out charging points and frustrations with slow chargers and/or charging stations that weren't working.

    My wife has a Cayenne Diesel and we get about 32mpg (hand calculated) going to our cabin and back on the weekends, and that's over 2 mountain passes each way. I don't drive anything remotely nice for my "daily" (currently a 2005 Honda Accord w/ a 6cyl) as I'd rather(?) spend $ making parts and build-out of my 2 new "shops".

    Reminiscing the old days,.. only brings more regret...

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    Here's a follow-up. Looks like there's not as much EV loyalty as would have been expected. I'm sure that this is another reason for the softening of the investment in EV production.

    Reminiscing the old days,.. only brings more regret...


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      It's not looking to good for EV. Consumers Report just reported (not that I read their stuff much) EV vehicles currently are much less reliable then ICE vehicles.
      The big 3 are getting killed with their EV line.
      Connecticut's Governor Ned Lamont backs out of the 2035 EV mandate.
      Batteries don't really like super cold or hot. Dead batteries are nasty things. Check out Lithium, Cobalt, mining. Where is the monstrous public or private grid investment? Some are saying that EV could turn into the next Solyndra.