About Us

April 4, 2022

Where to begin? How did we get here?

For starters, I never intended to start this registry. I really didn’t.

Like many of you, I’m guessing, I belong (or belonged) to most of the Porsche websites and forums including (ahem) that other registry. Some of these sites I thought (and think) were pretty good. And some of them – if I’m being honest – are absolutely terrible both in their technology and in the way they’re run. I mean, should a real registry be an incomplete spreadsheet full of errors that gets updated once a year (if you’re lucky) while the so-called owners charge you for the privilege? Should valuable contributors be banned (or driven away) based on a single person’s warped idea of what is or what isn’t humorous, offensive, political, or otherwise acceptable behavior?

I’m gonna go with no. And, quite frankly, as an Internet technology professional from 9 to 5, and a certified air cooled 911 fanatic every other hour of the day, this was pretty low-hanging fruit.

So, I find myself here today having spent several months (and not a small amount of $$) creating a real registry. A place where we can not only document the details of our early 911’s (and obsess over the collective data) but where we can share what we love about these special cars and this very special community. A place where varied opinions – about cars, about life, about anything - are welcome. And a place where car guys (and gals) rule.

I hope each of you enjoy using it as much as I enjoyed building it.



P.S. Shout out to Eric Linden, Frank Beck, Doug DePew, Dave Pateman and the rest of you who either indulged my questions, encouraged my ideas, or inspired me to make it happen (and sometimes all 3).



Umm, OK.